What we do

The Brand Building Company is a new approach to building brands, efficiently and profitably in Latin America.

We are essentially a creative and strategic agency with our own sales team.

We believe it is not only possible but makes a great deal of sense to merge creative zest with commercial muscle under the same roof.

Our objective is to represent brands within LATAM in an integral way since we not only build the business and communication plan, we also implement it!

Our objective is to represent brands within LATAM as well as export and grow latin brands abroad.

Maximize your Investment, Reach the LATAM Market

Given the nature and philosophy of The Brand Building Company, the idea is to minimize multiple suppliers (agencies, importers, brand managers) so as to make the possibility of builiding your brand or service in Latin America a realistic and centralized option under one roof. In this way, we make every cent count.

Comprehensive Services in Creativity and Marketing

We develop the full strategy for the brand, both creative and commercial content. The Brand Building Company expands its talent pool as the scope of the brand ambition expands. There is ample experience in organizing brand presentations to customers, sell in plans, marketing content, consumer promtions, sponsorship deals, amongst others.

Implement a Successful Commercial Plan

What makes The Brand Building Company unique is that we go out and sell our creative ideas for our brands, ourselves. We have the experience and capacity to seed distribution, nourish rotation andneducate and motivate clients on our brands, increasing sales and brand equity.

Cultural and Strategic Fit by Consumer

Given the mixed profile of Daniel Cushnan, the Founder and CEO of the The Brand Building Company, there is marked expertisse in integrating and building Global brands regionally.

Professionals focused on your success

Passionate and talented people focused on
CREATE, SELL and BUILD your brand

why work with us

We are not interested only in increasing sales, we thrive in adopting brands, making them our own and building them with passion and efficency.

With The Brand Building Company the idea is simple: your brand will have creative talent generating effective sales tools for their sales force to go out and sell.

We know how to work on a regional basis, these are a few of the examples of Brands that have been built in the region before

Some recent examples of Brand Building in Latin America that inspired us to open The Brand Building Company:

Category Captain Super Premium Vodka. Explosive growth in sales and rotation, multiplying seven fold in three years.

The Brand that has grown twenty fold in four years. The Premium Alternative Whiskey that is in fashion.

Development of plan regional 360° campaign, including total revamp of packaging, creation of brand device and turn around of market share loss to see growth across the region once more.​

Iconic Brand rejuvenized. One of few markets to achieve Leadership in Super Premium Scotch. The Chivas Studio Platform, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay.

Regional Brand Building, North and South America. Creation of the Malbec Platform. Riedel designed Malbec Glass by Graffigna.

Los Cerros de San Juan (Uruguay)
Interim General Management. New Route to Market implemented. Retail Flagship Outlet inaugurated in Montevideo POrt. Third Party Distribution.

If you are looking to build your brand in LATAM

you will find the passion, efficiency and commitment you seek in THE BRAND BUILDING COMPANY.

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